About Repent and Pray USA

The moral decline, strife, and confusion in American culture, society, and politics, have reached alarming levels.

This initiative is simple, and urgent.  In 2 Chronicles 7:14 God places the initiative on our side.  Let us appeal to our Creator in the manner He stipulated.

Given the diversity among Christians, participants in this initiative do not, and will not agree on all issues – but that is not necessary.  As Jesus prayed in John 17, the unity we need is in Him.

Please spread the message!  Multiple hubs of activity would be welcome to rapidly spread this simple announcement, from network to network, to as many people as possible.

Please participate in this platform by sending links to your sermons, blog posts, etc. for possible posting on this website and/or the Facebook page.

Contact Email: info[-at-]repentandprayusa[-dot-]com.