A short note about fasting.

American dietary and environmental exposure to toxins may be at an all-time high, and the nutrient density of our food is generally lower than before.  This makes fasting physically more difficult than in biblical times, though our need for spiritual focus through fasting remains at least as great.

If you are new to fasting, please consider consulting a health practitioner who is personally experienced in fasting.  Steps toward fasting may include detoxification (including juicing), cleansing diets, and gentle entry into the practice of fasting such as simply skipping breakfast, then breakfast and lunch, etc.  A “Daniel’s Fast” (Daniel 10:3), abstaining from meats, sweets, and alcohol, may be a good option.  Those more accustomed to fasting could intensify their practice by fasting each Wednesday leading up to November 22nd, and/or starting their fast a few days prior.

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One thought on “A short note about fasting.

  1. Hello,
    I believe this is an excellent initiative and will join you!
    I hope many other US citizens will follow this Repent and Pray day.
    That God may bless you!

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